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An Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Iddrisu Toppoh has said Founder and leader of the Glorious Word Ministry, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah has dug his own grave by his prophesy on the death of the National Chief Imam and other personalities in 2019, MyNewsGh.com has filed.

“We pity Owusu Bempah because he has dug his own grave and very soon he will be buried inside.” The Sheikh said in a post-MyNewsGh.com grabbed.

In his opinion, Owusu Bempah must pray to reach the age of the Chief Imam.

“The National Chief Imam is 100 years old and his death isn’t a prophecy. Owusu Bempah should only pray to God to grant him even half of the blessed years of Sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu.” He postulated.

The Church premises of the Founder of the Glorious Word Ministry in Odorkor was attacked by irate Muslim youth over a 31st night prophesy that the Chief Imam Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharunutu will die this year, 2019.

Regarding the violence, the Islamic Cleric was of the opinion that the Muslim youth could have done more.

“I think what the youth did, was even charitable. Next time he will feel the prophecy of the Muslim youths in his body.” He said.

He went on: ““Our silence on such utterances from him has made him continue such in the name of prophecy”, calling on the Christian leadership to intervene.

“The Christian leadership in Ghana have over the years entertained such false prophet and they’ve done a lot of bad in the name of prophecy, we Muslims don’t fear death, actually if you want to scare a Muslim with anything, not death” he boasted.

He said Owusu Bempah could possibly be waging “psychological warfare”.

“Such psychological warfare we can retaliate too, we have the spiritual arsenal’s at our disposal to retaliate, he’s lucky the national Chief Imam is a kind-hearted father who has called for calm.”

“We want to assure Owusu Bempah and his cohort’s in the Christiandom who are doing stuffs to bring the name of Holy Jesus and Christianity to disrepute that next time they won’t go Scott free.”

“How do we allow just few bunch of Criminals to cause fear and panic at the end of every year in the name of prophecy whiles the media gives them prominence?” He asked.


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