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Three people have been reportedly injured after some residents of Boasiri opened fire on residents of Anyinaman at Krachi-Nchumuru in the Kete Krachi district of the Volta region,

An eyewitness known as Ephraim told Starrfmonline.com that residents of Boasiri besieged the Anyinaman town and started firing sporadically.

According to him, three people who were injured in the process have been rushed to the Hospital for treatment. He added that residents of the adjoining towns have long had disputes over lands in the area.


Two schools in the area – the Anyinaman DA Primary and the Anyinaman JHS – have been shut down following the gun shots.

All students have been asked to go home until the tension calms down. The Police, according to reports have besieged the town and are currently trying to restore law and order.


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