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It’s very much inauspicious when certain elements within the corridors of power make unnecessary statements that have the propensity to inflame anger.

In as much as I want to be measured and charitable with my response amidst extreme provocation, I will not mince words to describe this as a useless pedestrian comment from a political novice.

It’s very much unfortunate when NPP led government continue to tag innocent people of Zongo origin as criminals and mendicants. It wasn’t surprising when this NPP led government supervised the killing of the 7 Zongo enterprising youths and tagged them as hardcore criminals.

It’s only political novice that will make comments that do not have a space within intellectual circle. Education is undoubtedly the bedrock of every human development but education without proper government policies will result to the formation of unemployed graduate association and as the old adage goes, the devil finds work for the idle hands. There will be more educated criminals when NPP led government prioritized building cathedral to building of a robust economy that will create permanent jobs for the teeming unemployed graduates. There will be more educated criminals when NPP led government continue to practice nepotism and favoritism (Family and friends). there will be more educated criminals when government mortgage our precious natural resources for petty personal favors.

If your bread has been battered by your government at the expense of the ordinary suffering Ghanaians, you should be cautious in your unguided comments to save us from embarrassment and provocations.


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