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Controversial radio reggae Presenter, MR  Abdul Umar popularly known as  Ras Chambas Expressed his worries on how the youth have refused to make use of their talents. According to him, the talented  African youth only makes noise on social media for attention but not to achieve any thing good their career.

According to him, the youth are talented but they lack discipline. Many of them see themselves as masters in their field of study though they are  underdogs while others jump quickly to use the little artwork they produce in exchange of sex and immoral activities.

The controversial presenter further stated that, it is hurtful that the youth in the media industry have eyes but can’t see .

Ras Chambas said, almost all the indiscipline and immoral talented youth within the shortest period of time died and some lost their career along the line.

As an artist, poet, radio or a TV presenter and any other talented person should  discipline him or herself , learn the ethics in the field he or she finds herself in and be prepared to learn more in their field.

He further encouraged the youth to do the right thing at the right time.The radio presenter    cautioned   that, “you will go on all the radio or TV stations for interviews, your posters will fly on social media but you the person will forever be unknown. The
Youth should not forget that we are in the technological world hence, one can market whatever he or she is doing  but won’t not be recognized”.

The reggae presenter advised the youth that,”the youth should not get worried about their talents once God gifted them for beneficial purposes.
But if we refuse to learn and listen to technical advise,then we are just passing through whatever we are doing for exchange of getting more friends, sex and more views on our social media handles.

 Ras Chambas
Media Practician


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