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Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has stated that, President Akufo-Addo did not facilitate the recent visit of Awomefia of Anlo State, Togbe Sri III, to the Manhyia Palace in Kumasi last Sunday.

He, therefore, cautioned the faceless people that are peddling falsehood about the president for political reasons to desist from the practice.

According to the Asantehene, some people in an attempt to politicize the historic visit have quickly started spreading false reports to tarnish the image of the president who knew nothing about the trip.

Otumfuo said the Anlo chief, who is his brother, decided to take part in the last Akwasidae of the year to help deepen ties between Asantes and the Anlos, saying “take your politics away.”

He said, “Immediately some people became aware that Togbe Sri was visiting Kumasi to take part in Akwasidae, they started to peddle falsehood that President Akufo-Addo orchestrated his visit for political reasons.

“They said Togbe Sri was coming here so that I (Otumfuo) will address the Anlo issue; this is a clear example of the numerous partisan political strategies that they have been using in an attempt to divide Asantes and Anlos.

“Where and when did President Akufo-Addo disclose this?” the Asantehene quizzed.

He said he was fed up with attempts by some people to create tension between Asantes and Anlos.

“We were brothers until politicians came in, the Asantes and Anlos never fought even during the olden days when tribal groupings fought each other over territories.

Otumfuo disclosed this while addressing the gathering at the last Akwasidae of the year at the Manhyia Palace on Sunday.

He recounted that it was during the reign of Otumfuo Karikari that the bond between the Asantes and Anlos was strengthened, adding that people in the two kingdoms peacefully co-existed until politics came in.

The Asantehene warned the faceless politicians that are trying to sow seeds of discord between Asantes and Anlo people to “put their partisan politics aside and allow them to continue to live in peace and harmony.”

According to Otumfuo, Asantes and Anlos and Ghanaians in general, are one people therefore politicians should not try to divide them.

“Chieftaincy was there before the advent of politics in the country, which is creating unnecessary tension and confusion between the tribal groupings, the citizens should not allow partisan politics to divide them.”

“One of my cardinal principles as Asantehene is to ensure that all tribal groupings in the country stay united with a common destiny and it’s never my intention to rule Ghana.”

“If there is confusion at Anlo, Dagomba or any other place in the country, it directly affects my people and I because we are all Ghanaians and that is the reason why I play key roles to help deepen unity in the country,” he said.

Togbe Sri III was the special guest of honour at the last Akwasidae of Asanteman, which was held at the forecourt of the Manhyia Palace in Kumasi.

Second Lady, Samira Bawumia and other dignitaries were in attendance.


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