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Inna lillahi wa innaa ilayhi raa ji uun (to Allah we belong,and to him we shall return) this prayer filled the mouths of  hundred of muslims young and old on  monday evening the 13th of April  in the streets of Madina Zongo. The community heard the news of the demise of our very own husband,father,friend, scholar ,and mentor Sheikh Yunus Ibrahim Ashareef.


Sheikh Yunus Ashareef was born on the 1st of April 1953 in Prang or parai as popularly called . He had his Islamic education at Nurudeen Islamic School (Ruga). After his successful education at Ruga, He got the opportunity to study at Madina Islamic University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to study (Shariah) Islamic law. Islamic law is a religious law that forms part of the Islamic tradition. It is derived from the religious precepts of Islam, mainly the Qur’an and Hadith.

Imam Yunus has taught and mentored many; young and old. He was the Greater Accra Regional Deputy Chief Imam of Ahlu sunnah Wal Jamaa. He was the also the Imam of Al Waayie Mosque also known as the mallam Yunus Mosque .He doubled as the Chief Imam of Madina Zongo . He served this position for several years.Indeed, He will be greatly missed specially in this coming month of Ramadan.

He died at the Legon Hospital after a short illness. Shekh Ibrahim’s family is a  reputable one. His first wife, Hajia Sala a staunch Muslimah, very influential in the Zongo community. He was laid to rest at the Madina cemetery according to the islamic rights. Imam Yunus left three wives, six children and ten Grandchildren.

Sheikh Yunus and some representatives from Baba Sarki Foundation

The death of Sheikh Yunus shook the community and indeed the Muslim Ummah at large. He will forever remain in the hearts of many. A mentor is gone, a father is gone, a scholar is gone. Gone but not forgotten. May Almighty Allah forgive all gone souls and grant Jannah. Ameen

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source:iqramonline.com/Nasiba Swallah Yussif and Toufiq Muhammed


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