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Nana NAM1Chief Executive Officer of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah popularly known as NAM 1 has ripped JoyNews’ Israel Laryea apart over a recent report on operations of the company by the journalist.

The angered business mogul has described the TV personality as a stupid and mentally retarded person who is only on a campaign to destroy him (NAM 1).

Menzgold, which has been shut down on orders of the Security and Exchanges Commission over its model of transaction, According to Israel Laryea,Menzgold  has a different mode of operation in its UK branch.

The JoyNews Editor shared a video of himself in the UK office of Menzgold saying the company operates in a small space rented at Berkeley Square House block in Mayfair.

Israel further alleged that only two ladies were available in the office at the time of his visit.

Fans of the businessman who find the reportage unnecessary have launched an attack on the journalist on social media calling him an “Enemy of progress”.

An Instagram post by NAM 1 suggests Israel has no right to comment on the number of employees at the UK office of Menzgold since he (Israel) has failed to create employment for others.

He advised the journalist to channel his energy into setting up at least a provision store in a “kiosk and employ just one Ghanaian” rather than trying to destroy the businesses of others.

Nana Appiah Mensah’s post reads: “Hello Israel Laryea, today I celebrate your stupidity and retarded mindedness. Set up a provision store today in a kiosk and employ just one Ghanaian. That is more than the pursuit of this evil smear campaign agenda. Maybe you need to be reminded, I am a businessman and not a politician. You can’t break me! Business is not a thing for the pope. Think about it. God bless you.”


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