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The pupils of As-Salam Islamic School on the Sunday November 18, 2018 visited the studios of IQRAM RADIOl in Madina. IQRAM RADIO is an online radio centered on community building. The radio has an app in playstore. To listen to Iqram Radio click on playstore,tunein, modernghana and zenolive. It’s also live on iqramonline.com. It also broadcast live on facebook, Click to watch live on facebook.com/iqramradio.

As-Salam Islamic School is a weekend Arabic school, well-structured with serene and talented kids located at Spintex Road 18 junction.

The pupils show astounding and startling media presentation skills. Here are some of the videoS and pictures of the occasion.


Iqramonline.com /iqram radio

Reporter: Hamis Tahiru

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