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The NDC chapter of Ofoase-Ayirebi constituency in the Eastern Region today issued a press release meant to set the records straight on the development of the Akyemansa District, the district overseen by Communication Minister, Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah. The NDC chapter of the constituency are said to be aggrieved by the lack of recognition of the estwhile Mahama and the NDC Administration who brought unprecedented development to the constituency, at the 10 years anniversary of the Akyemansa District.

The full press release as anchored by NDC constituency secretary popular known and called General Buhari is below.






Good afternoon ladies and gentleman of the press. We wish to, on behalf of the National Democratic Congress (N.D.C), Ofoase – Ayirebi Constituency express our profound gratitude to you all for making time out of your busy schedule to be here with us today, and to sell out our issues to the citizens of Ghana with our press statement christened “SETTING THE RECORDS STRAIGHT ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF AKYEMANSA DISTRICT.

Ladies and gentleman, it is worthy to note that when the N.D.C took over power in 2008, Akyemansa District was virtually empty without any infrastructural development in place. Today as we speak, with the “BETTER GHANA AND CHANGING LIVES TRANSFORMING GHANA AGENDA” under the former presidents; Prof. Mills/Mahama leadership and with Hon. Tom Budu as the then DCE, they ensured that the District had its fair share of the national cake.

Ladies and Gentleman, the following infrastructural facilities were executed and completed by the N.D.C, Mills/Mahama leadership in Akyemansa District.

Ultra Modern district administration block (well – furnished).
Good community water system (small towns).
Fire service offices and equipment.
District court house.
Over thirty – five (35) basic schools (built and renovated).
Twelve (12) unit classroom block and dormitories for Akokoaso Sec. Tech. Sch.
New School buses for Ayirebi and Akokoaso Sec. Schools.
Ultra modern ICT Center.
Police Quarters.
Construction of the main road from Chia to Ofoase (completed).
Construction of the main road from Ofoase to Oda (Abrogated).
Creating of National Health Insurance Office in Ofoase and its Sub – Offices in Ayirebi, Abenase and Otwereso.
Expansion of school feeding program which fed over Four Thousand, Eight Hundred and Thirty – Six (4,836) School pupils in the district. etc

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is sad to note that all these projects embarked on by the erstwhile administration is not being recognized by the current NPP administration as in evident during the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Akyemansa District where numerous projects executed during the NDC era was exhibited by the assembly, but the recognition was not given to those who initiated and embarked on the projects.

The presence of the immediate past DCE for the District, Hon. Tom Budu who brought the massive developmental projects was not even felt as due recognition was not given him to the extent of even given him some time to give a speech.

It is said that “a Nation that does not honour its heroes is not worth dying for” and that is exactly what the NPP is exhibiting in the Akyemansa District.

Two of the projects that would be commissioned by His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo tomorrow in the district Namely: the fire service Office and the Police Quarters are projects that were executed by the erstwhile administration and was 95% completed before this government took over power but unfortunately this administration want to take undue credit for them.


Reporter: Hamis Tahiru

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