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While we obey the president’s directives to stay at home, we have to check the food we eat in order to stay a healthy and productive. Here are some few tips to follow in case you’re wondering what to eat and what not to eat.

1.Drink fat- free or low fat milk or low fat dairy products

Choose from a variety of low fat sources of protein such as eggs(not too much of fried eggs) beans,seafood, unsalted nuts, and soy products. If you eat meat, eat white meat at least four times more often than red meat

2. Restrict or eliminate the junk foods.

Do not take foods that contains refined white flour, foods with added sugar, and foods that are in sodium.Avoid sugar-added drinks that are high in calories and contain few or no nutrients.

Since we are being restricted from going out, we don’t get the adequate time to visit the gym or even take a walk to burn fats that we consume and if we don’t monitor the intake of these fatty foods, we will end up inviting more illness by the time this lock down is over.

Always remember you are what you eat. Eat healthy, stay safe and stay healthy.

source:iqramonline.com/Ahinieba Adwoa  Aseiduaa

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