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The  people of mole dagbon migrated from modern day chad down to nigeria and then settled at Pusiga in the upper east region, They got splitted into Dagomba, Wala, Mamprusi, Nanumba, kanjaga.

The Dagombas settled in Yendi – Tamale for 600 years (6 centuries). Islam was then introduced to the people of Dagbon during that time, the Dagombas did not have a festival of thier own to celebrate hence, they celebrate the birth of the holy prophet ( Maulid Nabi) to commemorate the birth of prophet Muhammad (may Allah exault his mention). Damba festival is celebrated in Rabi ul Awwal .

Damba festival has become one of the most celebrated festival in Ghana , West Africa and the world .

Among the digniries who graced the occassion include Hon Boniface MP for Madina constituency, Hon Yaw Buabeng MP for Adenta constituency, representatives of political figures from both the ruling party and the opposistion.Local chiefs from and many more.

chief of Dagomba madina (r) Hon Boniface(l)

Dagomba chief madina

Constituency chairman NDC Abdul Rahman A. Rahim showing his dancing skills

MP for madina Hon Boniface

Dagomba woman rocking her smock


nasiba swllah yussif and Adwoa Asieduaa matilda

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