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On the 19th of December 2018, hopeislamicnews.com reported a story about a sister called Nabeela Bancy who was being asked to take off her headscarf before she could take the national identification photograph at the Madina UN central mosque on the 18th of December 2018. After almost an hour of arguing with the personnel at the station, she had to remove her headscarf to be taken the photograph. The supervisor of the station mentioned to her that taking off the headscarf was a supposed “law from above”.

However, sister Nabeela didn’t keep mute after her ordeal and it indeed yielded result. She wrote a write up about the incident which was published by hopeislamicnews.com and circulated on WhatsApp platforms as well. On the 20th of December 2018, at around 10am, personnel from the national identification authority of the said branch visited sister Nabeela at her residence to render their sincere apologies for the misconduct and also assure her that a new photograph would be taken.

Ghana is a country under the rule of law. We therefore abide by the constitution, and it is clear stated in article 21, that individuals have the freedom to practice any religion and to manifest such practice.

We therefore entreat Muslims to know their rights by law and stand by them and also not to keep mute when their rights are infringed upon but speak out. Hopeislamicnews.com is ever ready to let the world hear your story for the necessary action to be taken.


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