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Man is a political animal, but not all men are into partisan politics. Its not wrong to be partisan but it is worrying when you see knowledgeable and well respected people defending the undefendable acts or logic just because they ascribed to a particular party with their hearts and bellies (That is not to say we can’t have our opinions).

Note, it does not matter which party you stand for and hold high esteem, the lives of other people more especially women and children counts more than any party or group. If because you choose to hail with 13th century acts implemented in the 21st century knowing very well that most people have now become more discerning than ever.

The lives of every Ghanaian is way above NDC and NPP and par their individual/collective selfish gains.

Stop tagging people as NPP or NDC because they raised constructive and objective questions on government’s policies because it’s our civic right to do so as a citizens.

Allow people to criticize and stop tagging them .

The direction in which our politics is taking if not watched, will lead us to a destination we may all not adhere well for our children and grand children.

I want to seat in my arm chair in the near future and be able to tell my children the contributions Young people in my time made for Mother Ghana and Africa with pride not because we were paid or were in “someone’s pocket” but for the sake of their (our children and grand children’s) future.

It’s not too late, we can make a change. Each and everyone’s energy is needed to make this possible. Let’s engage in healthy discussions and offer solutions to our leaders.

Let’s put them on their toes and make them know how things are on the ground, where we are concerned. Let’s make them know we are discerning and not children of yesteryears but of the future because their impact whether negative or positive will AFFECT US ALL.

Let’s begin to take certain issues and policies very serious.

Let’s begin to leave a legacy behind NOW for the next generations that will also come after us.

The clock is ticking

I have spoken. To those who have ears, let them hear and make inform decisions now.


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