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Some youth of Salaga in the newly created Savannah Region are currently on rampage, and have set ablaze the offices of the New Patriotic Party in the town to protest the announcement of Damongo as the regional capital.

Billboards within Salaga bearing photographs of President Nana Akufo-Addo have all been pulled down by the angry protesting youth who have threatened to storm the residence of the East Gonja Chief Executive to burn down the property tonight, 3news correspondent reported a while ago.


Videos from the town showed the red-white-blue elephant branded building in flames with smoke billowing into the air as scores of the youth, some of who wore read head and arm bands, looked on while others also were seen pulling down campaign billboards of the NPP.


“The youth are saying Salaga is the only NPP seat in the whole of the Gonjalan hence the president should have made the town the regional capital for the Savannah Region as a reward for voting for the NPP” our Northern Regional correspondent reported

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