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Policy think tank IMANI Africa says it will neither praise nor condemn government following the launch of its first initiative to create jobs.

Recruits of the Nation Builder’s Corps (NaBCo) graduated today at an elaborate ceremony held at the Independence Square in Accra.

The president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, vice president Dr Mahamadu Bawumia graced the occasion with many other ministers and other appointees present to witness the graduation of the 100,000 jobless tertiary graduates.

Some ¢3 billion of tax payers money has been pumped into the programme in which recruits are expected to earn ¢700 monthly allowance for three years.

President Akufo-Addo admonished the recruits to give Ghanaians their money’s worth as the taxpayer’s money will be expended on them.

“…you must bear in mind that government is investing some ¢3 billion of taxpayers money into this programme. Your monthly ¢700 is not free money and you must earn every pesewa of it which I’m confident you’ll do,” he said.

Already some civil society groups are questioning the sustainability of the programme following the countless scandals that similar government interventions have had in the past.

IMANI Africa is tempted to agree but says it will adopt a wait and see attitude.

Senior Vice President, Kofi Bentil said “It is simplistic to just come out and condemn NaBCo and it is also simplistic to just come out and hail it as a solution.”

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