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The most difficult task ever! Nobody should be made to choose between family and love and yet, it is what a frustrated wife is going through.

The lady (identity withheld) who spoke to David Bondzie on Facebook, noted how situations have compelled her to introduce her mother into their home to join them permanently.

The woman who is aged and very weak has had to stay with them because her husband is dead and she barely has anyone to live with and take care of her; she has no siblings also.

According to the confused woman, everything was fine between them, even with her mother in the house till his (her husband’s) mother visited and saw that her in-law was permanently residing in the house.

It has been troubles after troubles since then because his mother also wants to come and live with them though she has her children and her husband to take of her and fend for her.
Her husband’s refusal to allow his mother join them in the house means she, the wife also has to find a way to get her mother out, and she’s been given a week to choose or lose him.

She is in a fix considering her mother is her life, she has no other nuclear relative aside her and her sacrifices for her cannot be stated enough.

Read the full post below:

I am my mother’s only child. She’s 81 years and very weak. My husband agreed we brought her to Accra to join us at home. She’s been here for only five months, and all of a sudden, my husband wants her out. Mum hardly talks to anyone due to her ill health. She’s always in her room resting, or outside in the garden.

If you would ever hear her talk, then it would be because of my children. They love to worry her.

My mother-in-law came by and got to know my mum is staying permanently with us, and then suddenly, she also wants to stay with us. My dad died 12 years ago, and so you can imagine. My husband, however, has siblings and a dad, all alive and doing pretty well.

Because my husband said no to his mother, he is suggesting mine too leaves. We argued about it and he has given me a week to choose between my mother and him.

I don’t know what to do. My mother gave up so much for me. She went through a lot just to get me the basic needs. I owe her my life. I just can’t send her back to the village.”


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