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A young Muslim lady posted to the Greater Accra Regional office of the Ghana Health Service has been denied a place because she refused to take off her hair covering otherwise known as hijab, MyNewsGh.com can report.

The Muslim lady (name withheld) received an attachment letter from her school to the Ghana Health Service Accra office where it is to be endorsed for her.

The officials, however, told her they will only give her an endorsement if she takes off her hijab which she refused.

Consequently, they also refused to give her letter while all her other Muslim colleagues who complied received theirs.

MyNewsGh.com first intercepted the information from influential journalist Zainab Issah, who had followed up on the development.

Zainab said she followed up to the Ghana Health Service who also directed her to the Health Ministry who finally said there was no such directive that Muslim ladies had to take off their hijab.

“I was directed to the Ministry of Health and they insisted there was nothing wrong with her wearing the hijab as it had been legalised for Muslim girls to wear it.” the journalist narrated.

According to her, she went to the Accra Office of the Ghana Health Service armed with the response of the Health Ministry. The officials there seeing her said they were “only joking” and didn’t mean it to escalate.

But there was more.

They still refused to give the lady the letter.

They asked the lady to go to her place of attachment and that her name had already been captured on the introductory letter sent by the Health Service. She got there and her name was not part.

Upon Investigations from the office, it was discovered that her name was cancelled from the list and her name which was typed on the original appointment letter had been cancelled.

Copies of the letter have since gone viral on social media eliciting condemnation.

Several calls by MyNewsGh.com to the Accra Office of the Ghana Health Service went unanswered.

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