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Joshua Otoo, a young entrepreneur has created a mobile application that allows users to control their home appliances remotely on their smart devices called “the Smart Home System”.

The Smart home system is a system which allows a house owner or business to control their lighting systems, electrical appliances from wherever they are, using their smart phone. They can also monitor the temperature, humidity, detect smokes, detect intrusions, gas leakages and the power consumption of every electrical appliances in the house or offices wherever they are, on their phone.

Speaking to Starr FM Online, Mr Otoo explained “so let’s say you woke up and there is lights out, so you didn’t even bother to turn off your lights and appliances before leaving to work, and the light comes back afterwards, the system will notify you with all the lights and appliances that are on and you will be able to turn them off using the system from wherever you are.”

The first prototype was launched at the innovation week at Kofi Annan ICT centre last year.
The device is 80% done and tested, and will be piloted in January.

Mt Otoo revealed that the app works with only wifi connection, but is working so that it can work via GSM as well.

He said he was invited to Kenya in November to demonstrate the app, and will however be made available on app stores early next year.

Joshua Opoku Agyemang Otoo, is an alumni of the Ghana-Indian Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE) where he studied Computer Programming for 9 months after senior high school.

He is a computer programmer, a serial entrepreneur, a farmer and a visionary who started his first company called Pesonet LLC at age 19.

He is also the Co-Founder and President of IoT (Internet of Things) Network Hub, an internet of things community in Ghana.


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