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Odikro, EMB Ahenfie Ms. Maame Boakyewaa Kokuro has said that, women can best use technology to their advantage by using it to balance their career and home.

According to the KayaApp inventor, Today’s woman has affordable technology at their disposal hence balancing between career and home should not be a difficult thing to do.

She said, embracing easy-to-use technology will make things easy for them.

“We have Apps that can be used to record your finances, planning days, even to menstrual circles they are apps that be used to monitor” she said

The MTN App challenge Best Female Project 2018 winner also expressed concerns on how the tech space in Ghana is male dominant hence, entreated women to take advantage of tech-related programmes that would influence their life even if it is in a small way.

“Tech related events are not just for Men, women should get involved and explore. We are moving into an era where if you do not appreciate the use of Technology you will be left behind, so we should take advantage of all the technology-related events” she added.

Ms. Kokuro was speaking at Ignite 4.0 a day workshop on whether women should focus on career or home. The day workshop thought mother, caretakers, female graduates, young professionals, among others to a new world where women can discover both a career, and home without losing anything.

Participants at the event were given the opportunity to interact with successful career women who have for decades run their career and home on parallel.

The European Union sponsored No Business As Usual project was set-up with the aim of empowering five hundred youth in the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly with hard and soft skills training. Which breaks down to training 175 males (35 percent) and 325 females (65 percent females)


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