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Young girls in our communities are sexually abused every single day. 7 out of every 10 young ladies between the ages of 10 and 15, I have spoken to have either been abused or were nearly abused by trusted people within the communities.

Some of these abusers includes Pastors, Mallams, Teachers, Chiefs, Sunday School Teachers, Uncles, Brothers, Fathers, Family Friends and/or highly respected people in the community.

One may ask why these girls don’t talk about it. The fact is, they were threatened not to speak of it for fear of:
1. Getting Mad
2. Being killed or will die
3. May not be taken care of through school etc…

Some even in spite of all this still go ahead to inform their parents especially mothers but how they are handled in return is enough as they to keep their mouths shut.

This is affecting the moral fiber of our communities and country at large. Some ladies even though grown have not be able to get over it and this is affecting their adulthood as well as marriage life.

Not all so called “Bad Girls” chose to be “bad” but the actions of people they held high esteem through these act have dropped their moral consciousness to the barest minimum.

What can we do to help these ladies and young girls get out of these circumstances?

What can be done to bring these perpetrators to book?

What can we do to safeguard the rest from becoming victims.

Let’s get talking to create the awareness and find solutions because it could be your sister, , daughter, niece, future daughter in-law.

By: Ishaq Abubakar Zico Newton
Educationalist, Community Organiser, Youth Activist. And Campaign Strategist


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