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An independent presidential candidate in the 2016 General election, Jacob Osei Yeboah, is of the view that the ‘sex for grades’ investigations carried out by BBC Africa Eye will affect female students.

He said the lecturers in various universities will start being mean to female students.

To him, in order not be seen as favouring students which would be later linked to ‘sex for grade’, they will rather fail even good students to prevent any bad motive.

“What the issue will bring is that now lecturers will start being mean towards students especially female students in order not to be seen as favouring someone and leaving out the other. And when that happens, they will start being mean to them which would not be good,” he said.

Mr Yeboah was speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosi Sen programme in the wake of the ‘sex for grades’ investigations carried out by BBC Africa Eye.

In a video released by the BBC, Professor Ransford Gyampo of the University of Ghana was seen persuading an undercover reporter posing as a researcher to meet him at a mall where he was filmed making inappropriate demands like offering to marry her and asking to kiss her.

But, the Independent candidate believes a matter like this is a human nature which needs permanent solutions in schools.

He said the matter of ‘sex for grades’ should be treated holistically and ensure that principles, policies in universities are stated clearer to students and lecturers to know their limit and prevent further entrapment.


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