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The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, is positive that with the right attitude Ghana can overcome the menace of corruption.

While remaining thankful to God for helping him live to see his 100th birthday which was marked on Tuesday, the Chief Imam through an interpreter, Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu, said if the leaders of the country are determined they will win the fight against corruption.

Corruption is one of the major hindrances of development in most African countries, including Ghana, and it has always been a top agenda for governments to tackle.

In Ghana for instance, corruption takes a centre stage in national discourse. The creation of an office of the Special Prosecutor, whose core mandate is to prosecute corruption cases gives credence to the gravity of the issue but some are still skeptical the office will help save the situation.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with TV3’s Johnnie Hughes in his New Fadama residence in Accra, the Chief Imam expressed optimism that it is possible to rid the nation of corrupt activities.

“I’m very hopeful if they [leaders] are determined we will succeed”, he said.

He however noted that it will require a concerted effort to make it happen.

“I’m very hopeful if we’re all determined, and we put our minds to it, we will win the battle.”

His recommendation for fighting corruption is simply that “those in authority must make the strongest decision and work relentlessly towards the achievement of that goal”.

Sheikh Sharubutu used the opportunity to clarify why he chose to visit the Christ the King Catholic Church in Accra on Easter Sunday.

He also advised the youth to seek knowledge more than they seek worldly things.


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