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IMANI President Franklin Cudjoe has advised government to cut down the size of ministers following the President’s admission that times are hard in Ghana.

In a number of remedial measures, the outspoken leader of the tink tank also called on the President to also ditch the idea of creating new regions since the cost will be too high to be carried by the country.

“Reduce the size of government in terms of personnel and ministries. We have too many ministers for a small country like Ghana.

“Control the perfidy and its collusive entrapment with financial plunder that has engulfed many public boards and their management.

“Obviously, flee from shady contracts like KelniGVG and StarTimes. Re-order all your promises and disown those we advised add nothing to the kitty- for instance the alarmingly dangerous and vault-robbing creation of new regions 5. Please reduce taxes on businesses,” the IMANI President told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Tuesday.

The President in an address to the Ghanaian community at New York, USA, Monday made reference to the depreciation of the local currency, Cedi, and conceded that things are difficult in Ghana but his government is working to resolve the economic hardships.

“We have to approach the foreign exchange matter medium to long-term by expanding our supply base, that’s not a crisis…they’re difficulties the system would be able to accommodate…”

Meanwhile, the general secretary of the Ghana Medical Association Dr. Justice Yamson has urged President Akufo-Addo and his government to work to resolve the hardships Ghanaians are facing now.

According to him, claims by the President that government is working to improve conditions of Ghanaians in the long-run is untenable since all Presidents, since the 4th republic, have made similar claims.

“I cannot be grateful when I am paying more for fuel when I expect to pay less. They keep telling us to tighten our belt but until when?

“These days when we hear some of these things it becomes worrying, if he can give us times lines then yes, but for now we want things to get better, not later,” he said.


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