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Shatta Wale9Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has revealed that he has invested a lot of money in the ‘investment’ gold firm, Menzgold.

Shatta Wale said this in an interview with DJ Reuben on Kumasi base Luv 99.5fm when he was asked about his investment prospects.

“Very much” was his simple answer when asked if he has invested in Menzgold.

He continued to talk about the current rift between the gold firm and SEC pertaining their registration, which he advised the government and menzgold need to sit down and come to an agreement.

Added, he doesn’t want to delve too much into that matter.

It is on the same platform he made reference to Sarkodie and Kwaw Kese as a poverty-stricken artistes.

He said the Ghana music industry has a big problem, which is that artistes are paid meager wages for performances.

According to the ‘believer’ crooner, he will continue to fight the system until Ghanaian artistes are paid well for their performances.

Shatta Wale’s latest ‘attacks’ come on the back of a previous rant against the aforementioned artistes.

The self-styled dancehall king accused Sarkodie of disrespecting him by refusing to shoot a video for one of his songs.

Kwaw Kese later joined the fray after branding Shatta Wale a hypocrite who does not practice what he preaches.


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