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Social media users have been left dumbfounded after a Nigerian man identified as Mustapha Jokolo resorted to a Facebook group to disclose how he chose to tame his wife by contracting robbers to destroy the business he himself had established for her; because she had become too independent and boastful.

Per his own post on Facebook, he got married to his wife and the relationship was good. He then thought it prudent and lovely to set up a business for his wife to keep her busy and supportive.

He said that over time, the business flourished and his wife was making a lot of money, so he became jealous and wanted to take over the business at all cost.

The man then masterminded the robbery attack on his wife’s shop, leaving it almost empty.

As if that was not enough, the young man added that he caused the rented building which contained the wife’s business to be set ablaze, and he later paid the owner for it.

His worry now has nothing to do with the cruelty inflicted on his wife, but the fact that she has more time now to monitor his adulterous habit.

It is unclear if Jokolo was expecting applause for revealing the bizarre treatment meted out to his own wife, but some social media users condemned him.

Read his post below:


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