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The Minister of State at the vice Presidency and Member of Parliament  (MP) for Madina Constituency Honorable Abubakar Siddiq  Boniface yesterday,  graced the studio of Iqram radio.An online radio based in the Madina constituency . He was invited on The True Talk Time Show to come and tell his constituents what he has done, is doing and his  future plans for the Madina constituency.


Honourable Boniface has lived in Madina for over thirty  years (30) although he was MP for Salaga in the Northern region of Ghana. He believed he was paying his due to both his paternal and maternal home.


When asked by King Zico what pushed him to contest for  the Madina seat as Member Parliament, he outlined that he realized Madina was lacking behind  in infrastructure,  education,  health and unemployment.  He believed with his admission into parliament as an MP ,he would solve some of these challenges.

With the challenges of education,  he articulated that he has supported more than 150 students who were brilliant but needy with financial  issues. This was because education was important and everybody has the right to go to school. On health he has partnered with an organization and Iran clinic to provide health services to people and students in various schools in the constituency.

His major concern being  infrastructure and  construction of good roads came up during the interview.  He made mention of the various roads that are currently under construction. The Madina Hannah – Presec road is currently under construction.  Feeder roads like post office and its environs have been  been constructed as well. He made mention about  the AstroTurf  park that is currently ongoing  in Madina  zongo and other Zongo communities across the country. He highlighted some metal footbridges he will soon construct in Madina Zongo, Baba Yara and its surroundings that needed such amenities.


When asked about the 1 district 1 factory (1D1F) he said he had commissioned a mushroom production center in Madina, and have now expanded a tile making company near Danfa and a  steel company which he believes  will create more employment opportunities  for his constituents.

When asked by the host to rate himself on a scale of 1-10. He said “ I can’t grade myself,  I usually like others to grade me. But I believe with what I outlined I am doing what I have promised my constituents.”

Honourable Boniface was elated to be invited to Iqram  online radio to tell his constituents that he is closer to them than ever and he is always avialiable. He wishes to groom the young  ones to become upright and truthful politicians for a better future.

source: hamdiya razak / iqramonline.com

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