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The Head Pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil on Sunday armed his congregation with what he described as the three-pronged responses to anyone who would ask them about issues concerning himself and the collapsed Capital Bank.

“I felt that as your pastor, I owe you an explanation, to come to church and to make a statement of what my views are, so that when you go out and people come out with information, you will have a response to give to them,” he said to a thunderous applause.

Graphic Online’s Donald Ato Dapatem reported that with the congregation eager with rapt attention to jot down and probably record the responses, Pastor Otabil said “these are the three statements I will make with regard to the response I want to give, which I expect you to carry along to explain what is happening.”

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“My first statement is that God is good, my second statement is that, God is good and my third statement is that, God is good.”

Pastor Otabil who said he was in Zimbabwe preaching at the church of his friend and an international evangelist, Tudor Bismark, during the week said he had heard of many things been said about him, regarding the bank and felt that he had to offer the congregation some information to answer whenever faced with the issue.

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After this, he read a lot of Psalms in the Holy Bible and led the congregation into praises and worship intermittently making comments that reinforced the greatness of God.

Source: Graphic.com
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