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The controversial reggae presenter on iqram radio, Ras chambas has expressed his displeasure on how the Ghanaian youth is silent on politicians instead of holding them accountable fearlessly.

In a civilized and politically sensitive country like Ghana, politicians are deemed ‘gods’. Hence, everyone is reluctant  to get them on track .

Mr Abdul Umar,host of the midmorning show on  Iqram Radio, The African Youth Talk Point bitterly expressed his resentment on how politicians are paid despite their poor attitudes towards their responsibility.

He was also emphatic on how politicians care less  in providing  social  amenities for the people of Ghana. Meanwhile, they fly their wards overseas for  quality education,better health treatment among others.

He stated that the future leaders, ie, the youth must take charge and full responsibility to make politicians  responsible and accountable to their promises.

He further added that politicians have no atom of respect for  the tax payer. They regard citizens as a  class  of ignorant people. As such, they pay no attention to their grievances .

Mr Abdul Umar calls on the Ghanaian youth to play a key role in putting politicians to work. He also called on spiritual leaders to preach to their congregation on how to help build and protect our nation Ghana.


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