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Global Muslimah Dilemma on Tuesday 28th of April  donated some assorted items to some widows and  needy in Dodowa Rahma town- Elvision.  Among the food items are; 5kg of rice, 1 litre of oil and some cash.

”On behalf of Ghana Muslimah Dilemma and our brothers and sisters in Germany,We are here today to give these food items and some cash to the widows of Elvision,Dodowa. We know that people need the money to cater for their family ” Zainab said.

Zainab Warda,founder GMD

Global muslimah dilemma was founded by Zainab Warda Khidir in 2013. GMD’s main goal was to empower and encourage the Ghanaian  muslim woman about the need to wear hijab appropriately but along the line they switched to charity projects  such as; feeding the poor and needy, widows, organize Quranic competion among others.

The food distribution was supported immensely by some muslim brothers and sisters in Germany.

source:iqramonline.com/Nasiba Swallah Yussif




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