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A North Carolina man who sexually abused his stepdaughter two decades ago has been stripped of his US citizenship and will now be deported to his native Ghana. Prempeh Ernest Agyemang, 58, had his citizenship revoked on August 8 for lying during his naturalization interview 17 years ago when asked if he had committed a crime for which he hadn’t been arrested.

Agyemang, who moved to the US from Ghana back in 1989, ended up marrying a woman with US citizenship who had a young daughter.

He started sexually abusing the girl when she was in the fourth grade in late 1999 or early 2000.

After the abuse began, Agyemang lied during his naturalization interview in 2000 and stated that he had never committed a crime or offense for which he was not arrested.

Based on his answers, the Justice Department said Agyemang had his naturalization application approved and was able to become a US citizen later that year.

Agyemang pleaded guilty three years later to sexually abusing his stepdaughter.

He has been on the state sex offender registry ever since he was released from prison in 2007.

The Justice Department issued a statement on Monday announcing that Agyemang would be deported and said it would ‘aggressively pursue’ others who have lied as part of their naturalization interviews.

‘Under our laws, United States citizenship is conferred on those who demonstrate honesty and integrity, who respect our laws, and who can demonstrate the moral character necessary to be a positive and cultivating member of American society,’ United States Attorney Robert, J. Higdon, Jr. said.

‘The defendant fell short of that mark in every regard and we are satisfied that this Court saw fit to revoke his naturalized citizenship.

‘As part of the Justice Department’s mission to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, we will seek denaturalizations in cases where individuals are dishonest and where criminal activity demonstrated the lack of moral character necessary for American citizenship.’

Source: Ghanaweb.com

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