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The Secretary General of the National Tenants Union, Fredrick Opoku has described the Ghana Rent Control Department as “toothless bull dog who cannot bite” and must be scrapped saying “people nowadays are living in ‘Prison’ calling it homes due to the rent system in Ghana, it is not getting any better but rather worse by the day.

Ghana Rent Control Department as constitutional mandated institution is expected to advocate for the citizens when it comes to issues of rent but nothing is done, he said.

This he explained that, the rent control has been made ineffective and under resourced in many ways especially the absence of a rent commissioner which has never been in existence since the implementation of the rent law.

Mr. Opoku also raised alarm of bribery at the counters of the Ghana Rent Control Department where landlords and tenants have to pay before the unit could attend to their complaint as a results of the unit being under resourced.

Adding that, “the Rent Control Department is not the final abettor of law.” He therefore encouraged the public to seek redress at the law court when they feel unsatisfied with the judgement given to them at the Rent Control Department.

Story by: Gifty Tracy Aminu

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