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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Public Sector Reforms Mr. Kusi Boafo has revealed that Rwanda is far ahead of Ghana in terms of common sense and national development.

Recounting his experience during his visit to Rwanda to witness how the country reformed after the genocide in 1994 which claimed the lives of 800,000 people in the bloody war between the Hutus and the Tutsis, Mr. Kusi Boafo expressed his astonishment at the level of development and highly improved systems that exists in the country with the corroborative efforts of its citizens and could not help but make comparisons between Ghana and the east African country.

Speaking with Boamah Darko on Hot93.9fm’s ‘Maakye’ show, Mr. Boafo said he was shocked as a Ghanaian to see the level of discipline that exists in Rwanda. From incorruptible systems and mechanisms to proper health service, proper sanitary conditions among others

“My experience in Rwanda was interesting; the level of dedication there is so fantastic and what impresses me is that the youth there are happy, they do not luck anything… In Rwanda no one sells on the streets, there is maximum security, there is no favouritism, nepotism, bureaucracy, everyone is treated fairly. Their vehicles have been programmed in such a way that you would need some form of an access card which comprises of national identification, drivers license, roadworthy to access the vehicle before it moves. They have organized their systems in such a way that all contractors and masons are registered under the national identification. No police officer takes a bribe in Rwanda… There are street lights everywhere, there is not a single pothole in Kigali [capital of Rwanda]. The roads are perfect. One of their towns has 180 people residing there with their hospital containing 150 beds with four ambulances. There is no indiscriminate littering of rubbish. The city is always clean. There are no ghost names in their payroll when a public servant dies, they automatically block the name of the deceased on their controller and accountant general’s database…

This is a country that has experienced war and lost 800,000 lives. A country that sows and sell coffee as their only foreign export and yet they show such a level of discipline unlike in Ghana where we sit down and expect things to happen like magic, the systems are bad from police, soldier, civil servants to drivers to their mates, Ghanaians are so troublesome to the extent that even little children have learnt how to lie so I can tell you that in terms of attitudinal change, we do not have the citizens that can help develop this country. We lack patriotism, anytime something good is introduced, we find people who see faults and rubbish the idea, like the National identification card and digital address system. Go and check custom officers maneuvering and squandering state funds with impunity, inflating contracts… Indeed I have not seen Satan before but in Ghanaians, I have started recognising the existence of Satan. We are happy we destroy our water resources because of galamsey. The only thing that we can do better is to ride in V8 vehicles and chill but in terms of common sense and national development, Rwanda is far ahead of Ghana” he averred

Meanwhile, he has announced that on 18th of August, his outfit will launch new reforms where they will capture all that he experienced in Rwanda so Ghana could also adopt and replicate same.


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