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Dancehall artiste, MzVee, has said she concedes to suggestions that many of the celebrities who fake their lifestyles are females.

MzVee born Vera Hameno-Kpeda, revealed she was unshaken by the statistics because ladies in showbiz are not likely to surmount the pressure that comes with the craft hence the temptation present an unexistent wealth to keep up appearances.

The “Natural Girl” hit singer joined MzGee on Joy Prime’s entertainment show, Gee Spot, to discuss the authenticity of ‘Celebrity lifestyles’.

“I won’t be shocked” retorted MzVee who was asked what she made of a publicised finding by an anonymous researcher that says 99% of celebrities who faked their flamboyant lifestyles were females.

“Girls, we are a different breed, we have too many things going on with us and girls live by what they hear and how they feel. Girls easily fall for pressure. If you are not brought up with that confidence and you don’t have people who keep telling you being you is 100% enough you will fall really easily,”  MzVee said to buttress her point.

Gee Spot shows on Joy Prime on Saturdays at 6.30 pm and repeats on Wednesdays at 10 am.

Watch the video below for more

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