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Founding President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has sparked a NIDO challenge on social media, MyNewsGh.com can report.

This has led government communicators on social media to take apart body parts of the IMANI boss and dress him down in disapproval.

Patriot Faisal Ibrahim, one such NPP assign insulted Mr Cudjoe’s “Shatta Wale-like” big mouth and teeth with a meme, we can’t reproduce it here.

The IMANI boss posted about how outrageously expensive NIDO has become- selling from GhC20 ‘recently’ to Ghc34.99 now- asking whether the cost of NIDO is exposing thr weak fundamentals of the economy of Ghana, a shade at Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia. “Nido, just recently sold for 20 cedis is today 34.99 cedis. What is going on? Obviously the Nido micro and macro fundamentals are very weak.” he wrote ad MyNewsGh.com followed.

But after some bashing from government communicators which prompted him that his choice of place of purchase (Citydia Kwabenya) is why the price is high, he replied: “I wonder why Kwabenya Citydia will price their Nido Fortigrow at 34.99 while some other traditional markets some allege to have visited, price theirs at 26 cedis. Obviously, there is market segmentation. Citydia doesn’t offer Nido in the open and on stalls prone to the elements. It may well be fakes people are buying too.”

He added posting a receipt to prove his claim: “Now, there are too many psychos in this town. First you contest and even insult me for saying I bought Nido at 34.99cedis. I produce a receipt and now the question is…why did I buy at the shop?? Massa ey3 beyi3 anaa abodam? Here it is again…Okay, here is the receipt of the NIDO I bought at CITYDIA Kwabenya …at 34.99 cedis. Can others contesting this show their receipts ??” he added.

He went on: “One last assignment for all..please post previous and new prices of petrol, milk, transport in the last three months…”

But government communicators and officials did not take things lying down:

“…..In Ghana, there are restaurants you will buy a ball of banku and tilapia for GHc100 and there are places you would buy same for 30 cedis.

When you are super rich and decide to buy at GHc100, you don’t come announcing that a ball of banku and tilapia is GHc100 without telling us where you bought it from. It is not the right thing to do.” Albar R. Khomeini, a Deputy Communications Director of the ruling party fired.

He added: “Franklin Cudjoe says his own is fortiGrow. My own too is fortiGrow and was sold to me for GHc 25. We, the ordinary citizens know where to buy our stuff from. The prices the bourgeoise buy at doesn’t represent general prices in Ghana. Clarity is important.”

More comments flowed from Krobea Kwabena Asante, a Bawumia staffer, and many others:

“Franklin Cudjoe has clarified that he bought his NIDO at Citydia. I understand it is a shop for the super-rich. But he deliberately did not provide this clarity in his earlier post and sought to create the impression that NIDO is sold at 34 cedis in Ghana until the prices at Malata exposed him!Franklin Cudjoe says he bought his NIDO from Citydia Supermarket (kwabenya branch).”

“Citydia is one of elite supermarkets in Ghana, only rich guys can purchase stuff there. When you have a normal market to buy your NIDO from, Franklin says no, so he ” SETTLED ” for Citydia Supermarket. We should cut our coats……”

Krobea Asante went after Franklin Cudjoe harder: “Good evening Ghana. Franklin Cudjoe is just an attention seeker, you want to be seen as a bourgeoisie so you went to a super market to buy a tin of NIDO for 34 Ghana cedis when it is 26 Ghana cedis at “provision shops” and our markets.

“He should give me 26 Ghana cedis and will get him a tin of NIDO.”

“Franklin stop this weak propaganda.”


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