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The Grand finale of the 2nd edition of the Zongo Inspiration Team inter-school quiz competition is scheduled for tomorrow 15th November 2018 with four school’s competition against each other for the bragging right. The schools which are St Kizito R/C school, De Youngsters international school, Golden Mission international school and Ring Road Estate JHS are all from the Ayawaso Municipality.  The quiz competition which begun on the 5th November 2018 saw a total of 16 schools both Public and Private schools contesting against each other at various stages and this brought the number to four.



The main purpose of this competition is to improve on the academic performance of pupils as well as encourage and challenge them to adequately prepare for the Basic Education Certificate examination.

According to the president of the team Rabiu Maude in a phone interview with Iqram radio said, the team has been mentoring children from deprived communities for some years now and have observed that the key to climbing the academic ladder in Ghana is attaining excellent grades during the B.E.C.E but unfortunately most schools within the municipality are lagging behind on the rankings at B.E.C.E.  hence the reason for this challenge is to improve on the performance of these schools through healthy competition whilst giving the pupils a better chance of passing their B.E.C.E and subsequently getting placed in some of the most competitive Senior High Schools in Ghana.

He added that aside being engaged in competitive contests, pupils also benefit from talks from  experiences of mentors during round breaks which broadens their scope on various topics such as;

bullying in school, Career guidance, Tips on effective learning among many. He told King Zico of Iqram Radio, that Reports of last year’s contest has since been submitted to  G.E.S to observe the strengths and weaknesses of the pupils which can help in policy reforms in the Education Ministry.

ZIT team he said , plans of expanding to other communities hopefully when they get funding as these are done solely Internally generated funds.

Fabulous prizes are to be won by the schools and the students including laptops, tablets and stationery etc all in a bid to motivate the pupils. Also ,300 children will be signed up to emails this is  introduce  them to opportunities available on the internet

Some of them will also be taken to most of the public university campuses in the capital after the competition in order to widen their horizon and spur them to do more and to achieve more.


Zico Abubakar Ishaq Newton (King Zico), Host of True Talk Time on Iqram Radio


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