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An Islamic scholar, Ustaz Abdulfattah Adeyemi, has said that women should be willing to share their husbands with other women since they have only 25% access to their husbands.
According to the scholar who was speaking at a Muslim Women’s charity organisation launch, women should stop being wicked by wanting to have 100% access to their husbands while other women had none.
“Don’t think that because you are wives, other women should not share your husbands. Your husband is not your property, your only share of him is 25% and the remaining 75% belongs to other women” he noted.
He further explained that men are angels sent by Allah to help women so women should be submissive to their husbands. “If you want your husband 100% then you are a thief. Whenever you see polygamy that is not successful, it is because of a woman.” he explained. “If Allah makes it easy for you, and they ask you to shift, shift so someone else can sit down. And you that you are asking somebody to shift, don’t go there and scatter their lives for them. The man may be doing it for the sake of Allah so don’t let him regret it.” he added.
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