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The Paramount Chief of Akyode Traditional Area has advised his male sub chiefs to control their libidos and desist from “chasing young girls”.

According to Nana Obonbo Sewura Lepuwura II, it would be morally wrong for the sub chiefs “to take all the young girls” in their respective communities denying bachelors the desire to marry their suitors.

He said “if you to take all the young girls, it will bring problems, because the young guys also want some [young girls]. So stop crossing the young boys, and the young boys too make sure you don’t go to where your fathers are”.

Nana Lepuwura also urged the sub chiefs to prioritize development of their communities and ensure they are always at peace with other traditional authorities.

Nana Lepuwura was speaking at the installation ceremony of five sub chiefs and a Queen in Shiare, the paramountcy of the Akyode Traditional Area, in the Nkwanta South Municipality of the Oti Region.

The ceremony saw the oath swearing and installation of sub chiefs and Queen at Shiare, the ancestral home of the Akyodes.

The newly installed sub chiefs are Tindana Akura Kpassa, Nana Yajoiri Kofi II, Kue Wura, Nana Dawud Chedre Brenai II, Apegya Hene, Nana Ogagya Ompah Kwasi I, Mawhere Hene, Nana Abubakari Morlah I, Mawhere Hema Nana Aliya Issor-Nyina I and Nkwanta Akyodewura, Nana Sago Akineasen I.

All the sub chiefs would supersede over tribes that have settled on Akyode lands, with the Nkwanta Akyodewura, Nana Sago Akineasen I ruling over Akyodes living in Nkwanta.


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