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The people of Adenta and Madina municipality recorded another sad road accident and caused serious unrest in the area as witnessed by IQRAM RADIO this evening.


The people of the area have recently cried loud about the rate at which vehicle on the adenta-madina highway kill road users. The incidents have lead to a number of warning and plea by the people living in the municipality to force Government to complete the foot bridge left uncompleted on the high. A demonstrated slatted for tomorrow November 9, 2018 could not wait before a student of WASS was knocked and killed by another vehicle on the road.


Adenta could not bear the pain of the tragedy this evening, hence resulted to a bloody riot. The protestors blocked the road for about 6 hours this evening until Ghana Police and the Ghana Armed Forces used warning shots to restore peace in the area.

Watch video as covered live by IQRAM RADIO.

Meanwhile sources reaching IQRAM RADIO indicate Government has decided to resume work on the abandoned footbridge which lead to the rising death toll next year 2019.

Source: Iqram Radio

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