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The initiative for youth development (IYD) and its partners are inviting young Zongo activists from zongo communities in the Greater Accra Region to apply to become Zongo Goalkeepers for their communities under the Zongo Tracka project.

The zongo tracka project is a five month (August- December 2019 ) pilot project within the zongo communities  in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The organizers of the program  are hoping to expand the project to other regions  next year.

Under the project, Zongo Goalkeepers will be trained,  equipped to track, monitor and report on developmental projects in their communities and the use of public resources.

Zongo Goalkeepers will monitor the quality of public services in their communities,  and also engage public officials in the delivery of goods and services. The organizers shall use an open data and digital technology tools to monitor and track all resources meant for the development of their communities.

If you are interested in becoming a Zongo Goalkeeper for your community, kindly send your full name and contact details to info@zongotracka.org.

All zongo Goalkeepers will be  invited to a conference of the zongo goalkeepers Saturday August 3 2019.


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