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Bankroller of King Faisal Babies, Abdul Karim Grunsah, has reiterated his desire to contest for the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Presidency next year when the Normalisation Committee concludes its work of reforming football in the country.

Speaking to Ohene Bampoe–Brenya on Happy FM‘s Anopa Bosuo Sports, the vociferous owner of the Kumasi-based football club declared that he still holds a strong desire of succeeding Kwesi Nyantakyi as GFA President.

“My only expectation for next year is to stand for the GFA presidency and win to lead Ghana football,” Grunsah told Happy FM.

Despite his wish to contest the GFA election, the veteran football administrator is doubtful if the Normalisation Committee will finish their work and organise an election for a new administration within the time-frame FIFA gave them.

He accused the Committee of being selfish because they do not want to leave the scene anytime soon.

“I have information and I know the Normalisation Committee has requested for an extension of time. They are enjoying the allowances they are getting that’s why,” he deduced.

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