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The family of the second suspect arrested in connection with the murder of Tiger Eye PI’s investigator, Ahmed Suale, say their relative is innocent.

29-year-old Abdul Rashid Meizongo was arrested on Thursday at the West Hills Mall at Weija through the Acting Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Kweku Boadu Peprah.

DCOP Preprah told Citi News that the suspect has always been on the wanted list of the Police.

But the suspect’s brother, Abdul Nasir Meizongo, believes his sibling is being victimized.

He insisted that the claims by the police are untrue.

“I have not had the opportunity to have a frank discussion with my brother on this matter. But I am aware he was in contact with one police officer. The contact did not happen today; it has been going on for some days now. There was no police station he was reporting to. There was no publication that he was being wanted. All of a sudden he becomes a suspect in this case.”

He said the family is taking solace in assurances by the police that, they are continuing with further investigations to arrive at a proper conclusion.

“The police have assured us that, he is not a suspect yet. They are assuring us that they are still doing their work so we should be [hopeful].”

This arrest brings to two, the number of suspects who have been arrested by the police over the killing.

The acting Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Kwaku Boadu Peprah in an interview with Citi News’ Umaru Sanda said investigations have begun in earnest.

“Narrating circumstances leading to the suspect’s arrest, DCOP Peprah said: “There is a suspect in connection with Ahmed Suale’s death and his name is Abdul Rasheed. He is 29 years. This morning, we had information that the suspect called a Policeman that he has got information that the Accra Regional Police Command is looking for him in connection with Suale’s death and that he wants the Policeman to assist him so the Accra Regional Police will stop pursuing him.He went and laid ambush at West Hills Mall and when he came we got him arrested.”

DCOP Peprah indicated that Rasheed was part of the Police wanted list.

The Police administration earlier indicated that it has interrogated 13 suspects in connection with the murder of Ahmed Hussein Suale.

Police’s response on arrested suspects disappointing – Ahmed Suale’s family

The family of Ahmed Suale, had earlier called on the Ghana Police Service to be candid with the progress made with the arrests of persons who might have played a role in the murder of their relative.

They say they are not enthused with the manner the case is being handled by the Police service.

“We have listened to the police but as a family, we are not happy with the information the police put out because we made the arrest that the police talked about ourselves. “

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