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Youth activist, educationist  Abubakar Zico questions the importance of the renaming of four Ghanaian public universities with seven thought provoking questions to the ministry involved.

Four public universities in the country will be renamed after the newly drafted Public University Bill is adopted and passed by Parliament without any amendments. The selected institutions include the University of Development Studies, the University of Professional Studies Accra, the University of Health and Allied Sciences, as well as the University of the Energy and Natural Resources.

Rawlings to Gov’t: ‘Thank you but don’t rename UDS after me’: Already, Former President, Jerry John Rawlings has asked the Ministry of Education not to rename the University Of Development Studies (UDS) in his honour.

  1. How does this bridge the gap between industry and academia?
  2. Does it mean graduate students will no longer be asked for 3, 4, and 5 years working experience before they are employed when they graduate from these schools?
  3. Will this mean that universities will be open to absolve more students who want to further their education than it does now?
  4. Will it reduce the clashes students are having with school authorities?
  5. Will it make students enterprising enough not to seek for jobs after graduating but rather create and employ others?
  6. What direct impact did these people have on these universities so students can brag with against each other and also learn from?
  7. Are students going to be given the opportunity to do the rebranding materials of these universities as project work rather than give them out on contract companies?


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