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The Director-General of the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA), Kwame Owusu, in a report sighted by YEN.com.gh, on MyNewsGh.com, disclosed that Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A Plus demanded an amount of money in order to bury alleged financial malfeasance claims leveled against him.

According to Mr Owusu, he refused to cooperate with A Plus, causing him to leak the said documents to the public which in turn caused a stir.

At a press conference he held in Accra to defend all claims and allegations leveled against him, the GMA boss presented the extortion message he received from A Plus available to all media men to see.

He however described A Plus as a blackmailer who was only carrying out a threat because he was not able to achieve his initial plan.

In response A Plus noted his readiness for any legal battle regarding the issue he referred to as a ‘rot in the country.’

On 0ctober 25, 2018, news broke on the Maritime authority boss spending GHC1.3 billion in one night on food bought from his own hotel for an end of year party.

Documents on the said event which hosted seven people according to reports amidst wastage of public funds and conflict of interest, were met with impunity as social media users went crazy over misuse of public funds for such an insignificant event.

The Luxe Suits Hotels, which Owusu owns, hosted all seven people and fed them with such an outrageous amount.

The Director General has come out to rebut claims saying the cost was reasonable and with regards to the contracts, he used the right channels and was not in breach of any law.


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