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Youth of Answarul Islam – GH is a non- governmental Islamic organization precisely at Kasoa Zongo 94. Found in the year 2014 working towards the achievement and promotion of Islam among the youth in the  society.


This organization has been in existence for five years and has  carried out various activities such as; visit to the prison yard , visit to a rehabilitation centers, assisting  Muslims in some selected  senior high schools during Ramadan(fasting), clean up exercises , painting of mosques  and organizing Islamic events such as; Night da’wah, Women forum and musabaka (Quranic competitions) among some selected  Islamic weekend schools.

The second edition of the annual musabakah will come on the 19th of January 2019  at Jamiu Abubakar Siddiq kasoa, off the Nyanyano Kakraba road at 8:00am. Invited guests include; Alhaji Habeeb, Doctor Saeed, Doctor Abbass, Sheikh Shuaib and Malama Mariya,Sarki Samari Atik Mohammed Nuhu, Sarki Illiasu Mussah


Ar Rahman Educational Center-Kakraba

An Nadwa Islamic school- Gadambo Kasoa


Ummul Mumineen -Kasoa cp

Ummul Mu’mineen Aisha Centre For Quran and Islamic Education -Opeikuma

Sabilul Falah Islamic School – Zongo 94

Salafiya Islamic Education Center – Walantu.




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